Square Terminal: What You Can Do With It

It’s quick and easy to understand why the Square Terminal is such a successful payment mechanism among entrepreneurs. This cutting-edge credit card processing technology is simple to use and accepts chip, swipe, and contactless payments. It may be set up in one spot or carried throughout the venue for table-side service.

You can use the keypad to input a specific value to accept a payment. You may either write a notice to the customer’s receipt or browse the catalog for an item. Select the item and press the Charge button. Give your client the Terminal so he can accept and pay. He can use a chip card that has the chip pointing up to complete the transaction.

Your customers are able to use their smartphone, a contactless card, or any other contactless technology. On the terminal, they may leave a tip and can have the receipt sent by SMS, emailed, or printed. Press X in the corner to leave the Client Checkout panel and register cash, cheques, and any other payment methods your customers choose.

Gift cards? Select Gift Card, provide the gift card details, or have the client swipe the card to accept this method.

Is the card not present?  You easily ring up the order as normal and tap Manual Credit Card Entry for an order when the card is not available, such as a smartphone transaction. Add the client’s whole card number, as well as the card’s expiration date, security code, plus ZIP code to proceed.

No internet? If you lose Internet connection from time to time, head to Menu, Settings, and enable Offline Mode to continue taking payments by swiping clients’ cards. Swipe clients’ cards and the transactions will be processed instantly when you get the internet back.

Transaction history? Simply hit the Menu button, then Transactions, to see the transaction records. You can explore, browse by card number, or enter the card which was used, to locate a particular sale. If you want to use a contactless card or device to browse, just press the Search field and then hold the credit card or device above the display. You may SMS, email, or print a fresh receipt after you’ve identified the payment.

Refund? If you need to issue a refund, select the order, press Issue Refund, and now either pick the products to reimburse from the transaction or press Amount and enter the sum you want to refund. Press Refund after entering the cause for the refund.


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This payment terminal offers a customer-facing payment flow, but if you prefer, you may switch it to a seller-facing process. Switching off the Show Itemized Cart Screen will also accelerate your transactions. This screen will not appear before every order.

You may also choose how much room you give for tipping. Change the number of tips or turn them off completely. If you choose, you may have your client sign on the terminal or on a printed receipt.

Staff members can also use the Terminal to log in and out. You may change the display brightness or even how quickly the Terminal change to sleep mode after a period of inertia. You may also specify when the device will restart automatically. Square reboot on a regular basis to ensure that you receive automatic software upgrades as soon as they become operational.



Let’s speak about rates now

With Square, there are no annual, monthly, or additional costs. Each swiped, dipped, or tapped payment will cost you 2.6 percent plus $0.10. Really simple, right?

You get a little higher rate of 3.5 percent plus 15¢ if you key in an order or just utilize a credit card on file. Sign in to the Dashboard, then click to Account & Settings, then Pricing & Subscriptions to see the payment processing fee. You may be entitled to a special rate if your company sells over $250,000 in credit card transactions yearly.

This powerful device simplifies the process of viewing regular sales data.  Simply choose Menu, Reports, and Sales from the drop-down menu. Choose the timeframe for which you would like to see your orders, apply it, and voila! They’re right there. Then you can simply view the deposits Square has made to your bank. On the Square Panel, you may view further relevant data from your PC.

Select Current Sale, then the down arrow, then Add Customer to attach a customer to a transaction. You may either link an existing client to this transaction or create a new one. Simply enter their personal details on your display, and if desired, save a card. Well after the transaction, you also can add a client from the receipt display.

From your start menu, select Customers to manage your client list. It’s simple to look up all of your clients by name, phone number, or email address. Importing long lists of clients into your Square Dashboard is a good idea. You may also view useful data about your clients, such as who are your regulars and who hasn’t visited your business in a long time.


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Square Terminal ➚ is a useful and appealing solution for businesses who wish to take and manage payments in the most optimal manner. If you want to get started collecting payments as soon as possible, we recommend utilizing the Square Terminal at your business.



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