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Privacy policy for has a commitment to transparency, and on this line, we now bring information about the handling of information, cookies, and other relevant details for your safe navigation on our website.

This privacy policy begins by clarifying that this site is not an official channel of the companies listed here. This website was created by an independent affiliate.


The use of cookies

This is quite common when it comes to browsing online and we can use it sparingly so that you can have a more dynamic experience on our pages.

It’s nothing that compromises your security, as cookies are a kind of marker that keeps track of navigation, and can also record access time, clicks made, among other actions of the type.

These are small files that usually store information on your browser, so, for example, a cookie can prevent a popup from appearing again for you, as it identifies that you have already viewed such content.

It can also auto-complete forms and start a video from where you left off previously. Cookies are therefore very useful for both the website and the visitor, and no critical information is stored on our website.


Embedded content

This site’s articles may contain embedded material. Embedded material from other web pages functions just as if the visitor had really browsed the other website.

Such webpages may collect information about you, utilize cookies, embed extra third-party monitoring, and track your interactions with embedded content, including monitoring your interactions with the embedded content if you already have an account and are signed in to that webpage.


Security of personal information is an advertising and marketing website.

We do not have access to the purchasers’ personal and payment data, so their address, documents, telephone number, and card number are never transferred to us.

We also do not ask for or collect such information on our pages. We are against any kind of malicious use of information and advise the utmost care in providing such information on websites. A good practice is to research the suitability of the company you intend to register or pay for.

Search the terms and privacy policy of the company that you will be buying a card machine. We seek to provide safe and quality options so that our visitors have a positive experience, however, it is always important to do your own research.

If needed, contact us for further clarification on the handling of information and to request the removal of entries in forms entered on our pages.

We have a policy of transparency, so, in the event of a request from the court regarding any data on your behalf, we will be collaborating and then we will contact you to inform you about what happened.

You can obtain a file of the personal data we possess on you, along with any data you have supplied to us, if you have a profile on our site or have posted comments. You can also ask us to delete any personal information we have on you. This excludes any information that we are required to store for operational, legal, or security reasons.


Exchange policy

Every online purchase entitles the consumer to an unconditional guarantee, regardless of the company. Each company has its own operating model in this case and we recommend that you look for this important information at the bottom of the website you are making the purchase.

Again, we are a marketing channel and we do not have rights to the machines, POS systems, terminals, and accessories, so we cannot resolve issues related to returns, shipping, payment, coil shipping, and defects. For any such event, you should go to the website of the company responsible for the device.


Business transactions is not responsible for payment problems and equipment malfunction.

We value indicating through links and images on our pages serious companies that have proven experience in the performance of commercialization of machines.

But as mentioned before, we do not have access to the products, we do not send them to the customer and we do not receive payment for them. Therefore, we will not take part in complaints about commercial transactions, and the customer is responsible for contacting the company to which he placed the order.


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Unauthorized copy

Our texts and images are for exclusive use on this website and any plagiarism may result in legal action.



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