SumUp Plus Card Reader Unboxing and Setup

sumup plus card reader unboxing

The challenge of making card payments for the first time might be intimidating, but SumUp is designed to set any newcomer’s mind at rest with its simple solution and no-fuss fees.

Their card reader is particularly useful for visiting merchants, such as those operating market booths, and for individuals that provide services at the customer location. However, by setting several users and groups for the same SumUp account, it may be utilized with a group of employees, rather than just one individual.

If you run a small business, watch this SumUp Plus card reader unboxing. It is a convenient and small gadget for your everyday needs and can offer the perfect combination of portability and dependability. In this video, we unbox the device and demonstrate how to set it up for the first time.


unboxing sumup plus

 Watch the unpacking of the SumUp Plus card reader 




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SumUp does not charge a monthly fee or any other type of continuing cost. After purchasing a card reader, you just pay a flat charge of 2.75 percent for each card transaction you make. All card categories, including premium and international ones, are subject to the very same transaction cost.

Important to know that if you don’t make any sales, there are no expenses to incur. There is also no obligation for an average monthly card volume, as is the case with many other payment providers. Unlike other services, there is no lock-in period or setup charge associated with this one.

The SumUp Plus card reader is available for $?9, which includes free shipping and a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee. SumUp supports Apple Pay and Google Pay in addition to a number of credit and debit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Diners Club, Discover, and American Express. Transactions can only be made when a mobile device carrying the SumUp software is linked to the reader via Bluetooth, so you’ll need an iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone or tablet.


 Who should use SumUp Machine 

When should you use SumUp? Merchants looking for the most affordable payment terminal that also supports contactless cards and mobile payments might consider a SumUp card reader as a viable alternative. In contrast to other payment firms, SumUp does not give out credit card swipes and does not charge the highest fee for a transaction. Instead, SumUp maintains the price of their customizable readers low.

Because of its compensation format, it is an excellent choice for businesses that are just getting started with card payments, such as new startups, cautious single owners, small businesses, and non-profit institutions.

SumUp machines are the culmination of years of effort, having been created and manufactured in-house. They are of high quality, including the most up-to-date magnetic stripe and NFC technologies in a single device, and yet they are available at an extremely low cost.


 No Monthly Minimums or Subscriptions 

This card reader is the most user-friendly transaction terminal on the market today. It requires merely $?9 and accepts a variety of payment methods, including NFC, chip, and magnetic stripe cards, as well as mobile wallets. In addition, there are no contractual obligations or monthly costs, and the processing rate is a flat 2.75 percent.

Whether you own a small business, you should watch this unboxing video of the SumUp Plus card reader to see if it is a good fit for your needs. Since the cost is merely a percentage of each transaction, SumUp is an excellent solution for businesses that conduct a large number of smaller transactions.

The credit card payment application from SumUp is simple to be using. You may either add products or manually enter transaction amounts into the system. It has both of these features available. Employees, user accounts, taxes, and gratuities may all be entered. And a suitable receipt printer can be connected in order to produce paper receipts.



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