Is Square POS System Worth it?

square pos system worth it

Steady growth is a paramount consideration for businesses. One of the things that guarantee business growth is applying technology to business to reduce costs and promote efficiency. Every business deals with money transfers between the customer and the business.

Efficiency in payment for goods or services can be a serious challenge for small and medium enterprises. This is why many businesses have adopted Square payment solutions for their business. But, does it really worth paying for it?

The company offers varieties of payment features and gadgets. Most of the time, the question that comes to your mind when trying to get the right terminal, registers, and accessories for your business is whether it is safe to buy from Square. This page will show you all the information you need to know before buying a POS System and terminals from Square.



Square Information Table

Official Website
Founded February 14, 2009; St. Louis, Missouri
Owner Jack Dorsey
Location San Francisco, California, United States
Product Point of sale terminals and auxiliary equipment, debit cards
Customer Service 1-855-700-6000


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 What is Square? 

It is a company that provides digital payment solutions for businesses through financial services. It is located in the USA and has been reputed to produce high-quality accessories, registers, and terminals for merchants.

They have made it easy for businesses to accept credit/debit cards by providing affordable and quality credit card services for easy payment. Square offers various products such as Terminals, Card readers, Accessories, Registers, and Card Machines.


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 How does Square Work? 

Firstly, the merchant buys the device from Square. The merchant sets up the device within a short time, and it is ready to receive card payment. Payment devices are suitable for every kind of business that accepts payment.

When a buyer wants to make a payment, the merchant enters the transaction into the Square point of purchase and gives the buyer the amount to be paid. The buyer makes the payment by inserting their debit or credit card or using their Near Field Communication (NFC-enabled) device that reads the buyer’s information.

Square, the payment service provider, receives the payment information from the Square POS. Through the internet, they transfer the payment information to the Acquiring Processor. There is a small fixed fee that is charged for every transaction.


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 Is Square Trustworthy and Reliable? 

Square is a company that has been running for 12 years. They have a user base of 30 million active users, which indicates that many people widely accept their service. It has come up with highly innovative ways of making payments. And it is one of the largest companies that provide financial services in the USA.

Reviews on show a 4-star rating, and it ranks #4 among the best credit card processing companies. This shows that they are offering one of the best services out there! Square provides excellent payment solutions for small and medium enterprises, stores, and businesses that move from one location to another, although it may not be a perfect fit for big companies that process high volumes of daily transactions.

You may want to consider Square if you are looking to buy your accessories, terminals, or registers because of the great payment services they offer to merchants.


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 Does Square have good Customer Support? 

Customers can run into challenges sometimes. This is the reason why Square has functional customer support. Buying from them guarantees that you have access to customer support if you experience any problem while using any of Square’s products.


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 How High are the Chances of Being Scammed When Buying from Squares? 

In reality, there is no 100% guarantee that you cannot be scammed when making any purchase. However, the chances of being scammed when buying from squares are low. To avoid the risk of being scammed, ensure that you buy any Accessories, Terminals, or Registers from the official website.



 Is Square Secure? 

Square places a huge priority on the security of transactions. If you are considering the best place to buy your accessories, terminals, and registers and you’re wondering whether they are secure, Square provides a perfect answer to that question.

Square is PCI compliant, which means that they comply with the standard security measures for companies that deal with customers’ personal information. It does not store customers’ information after a transaction; every other piece of information is encrypted.


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 Squares Terminal, Registers, and Accessories Fees 

Square proudly shows that there are no hidden fees when using any product. The processing rate of Square is 2.6% and $0.10 for the transaction fee. The other fees charged are dependent on the kind of services that are required. There are three categories of fees:

  • Software Fees
  • Hardware Fees
  • Processing Fees

Depending on the services that your business requires, the fees will help you to determine the cost of using Square Terminal, Registers, or Accessories.



 Does Square have buyer protection? 

Sometimes, payment disputes can occur, and this is not something new. During a transaction, there is always a possibility that customers will raise a dispute if a problem occurs during payment. If a cardholder initiates a chargeback for their bank to reverse payment, Square will place a hold on the funds that are disputed in your account until the dispute is cleared. This is because the customer’s bank has taken money from Square and the money will have to be recovered.


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 Square is Worth it! Order one of the best POS Systems 

You now have all the facts you need to ensure that Square is safe and worth it to buy Terminals, Registers, and Accessories. Don’t hesitate to buy the payment devices that you need to increase your customer satisfaction, and take your business to the next level.



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