6 Card Readers for Poor Internet Connection Areas

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It seems to be the solution and the best alternative way of accepting card payments when there is no access to the internet. Not all geographical location has a strong internet connection. Therefore, users may find it hard to make or receive payment.

The easiest gateway for accepting cards is through a credit card reader with offline mode. This mobile portable device is very fast, and they are built with excellent technical support. Having this kind of device will help your business increase customer service and receive payments anywhere.

Whether you want to find out maybe an offline card reader is for you or perhaps you want to know the best one to buy, if you can stick a little bit with this article, you will find out helpful information about this solution and some other things you need to know. Let’s get started!


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What is an Offline Card Payment Reader?

Offline credit cards are mechanized devices used for processing offline transactions without an internet connection. Payments are made through debit or credit cards. Customer transfer money from his debit or credit account and then credits it into the merchant account.

Although some people often mistake a card machine for a card reader, these two are different. A card reader is smaller than a card machine. Also, the card reader is smart and operates like a mobile phone.

What to look for when buying it?

• Offline mode
• Accept contactless payment, swipe, and chip
• Can track mini smart card reader
• Good USB interface cable that functions well
• Nice good glue pad grip/ magnet


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Top 6 Options for Credit Card Reader with Offline Mode



 Square reader

With the Square reader, there’s no problem if there’s no signal. Just slide the card through the reader when you need to accept an offline credit card payment, and you are ready to go. It’s small enough to fit in your pockets, and because there’s no battery to worry about, you’ll be able to sell and make transactions anyplace, anytime. Pricing? $??,00



SumUp Card Reader

Can accept swipe, contactless or chip payments using one card reader. You will only pay 2.75% on each transaction with no hidden fees. Also, its stronger processor aids faster payments and can transact over 450 times when fully charged. Easily accepts payments across the United States, Puerto Rico, and other eligible geographical locations.

SumUp offline card readers pay to your bank within 1-2 business days. It also shares digital receipts through SMS or email, and you can easily print transaction receipts when connected to your mobile printer.

SumUp accepts payments from either in-store or off-site. Using your credit card reader is very easy. All you have to do is connect your credit card reader with a mobile phone/ tablet after fully charged.




PayPal mobile credit card reader is affordable, and it comes with high-quality accessories and an organized transaction fee structure.

PayPal service offers impressive mobile/ card payment options that help you accept cards and contactless payments via your device. You can do all this with on PayPal payment app or its card reader. PayPal mobile credit card reader with offline mode provides two card readers options to choose from. You can choose either the simple chip or the swipe reader.

The chip allows users to use card swipes and contactless payments for transactions via Google pay or apple pay. Swipe reader options make use of credit or debit card directly. With a touch-free QR, you can easily use it on the device to receive payment transactions from Vermont and PayPal.



QuickBooks GoPayment

Quick book credit card reader is ergonomically built to suit small businesses. Its no minimum volume usage and free card reader make it easy for small businesses. This Wi-Fi credit card reader is compatible with mag-stripe and chip methods. It can connect to your smartphone wirelessly through Bluetooth.

Quickbook, credit card reader, has no minimum usage level or setup fee. Of course, this sounds profitable for any business you run. Also, you can run a transaction on either IOS or Apple devices.



Pay anywhere credit card reader

Just as the name sounds, you can use it to receive payment anywhere. Currently, there are two types of packages for the mobile market. You can choose the first one which has below $10,000 transaction limit on either swiped or tap payment. With only 3.49% cost plus $0.19 for each inactive account fee per month. With PayAnywhere mobile 2-in-1 option and the 3-in-1 reader unit, you can enjoy uncomplicated transactions from customers.



RunMall magnetic stripe card reader

This multipurpose credit card reader is suitable for banking, access control, ID recognition, and timekeeping. RunMall versatile MSR600 reader/writer creates confirmed solutions for reading and writing any coercivity cards that complement an existing system.

Not only can it track up to 3 transaction details, but the MSR600 series can also read or write the coercivity state of magnetic cards. This credit card is compatible with AAMVA, ISO, ANSI, credit card, driver license, gift cards, ATMs, and other computer devices.

To use your credit card USB interface reader, no installation is required. Plug in and start to begin the transaction.

❶ Download the device sales app (each credit card reader has an online app) and set up an account for your business. Some Wi-Fi credit card software is free and works on both IOS and Apple devices.
❷ Log in to your device software account on the downloaded app and tap the menu icon.
❸ Click on Settings and choose offline Mode (do not forget to allow offline mode function from settings).
❹ The next step is to set your preferred limit for offline credit card processing. To do this, enter the amount for each transaction Limit (it ranges from $100 – $25,000 per offline credit card transaction.
❺ To know maybe your device is on offline mode, you can easily check your software application for notification.
❻ To use your Wi-Fi credit card offline transaction, swipe the card through the magstripe reader. Note – Credit cards should be swiped for a successful offline payment transaction.


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Offline transaction in locations with low internet access

Starting your own business sounds great, but using the right tools will help your small business to grow faster. As a business owner, missing purchases or payments can affect your business. In addition, using a card reader with the offline mode is the best for small businesses in poor internet connection areas.

Although some credit card users complain about chargeback. To avoid this, ensure your business have a clear printed return policy for customers. Also, don’t forget to add detailed descriptions of your products or services and keep all business transaction records.



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