11 Best Hardware Credit Card Machines

hardware credit card terminal machine

It could cost you if you’re a business owner and don’t pay attention to the type of payment terminal you’re utilizing. Although many people or business owners believe that credit card machines are the common hardware devices that may be found in establishments, this is not the case. In this article, we’ll talk about how to choose the best card terminal for your business.

The two primary types of credit card machines are:
Virtual credit card terminals
Hardware credit terminals
Both of these types accept different payment options.


virtual payment

❶ Virtual Credit Terminals

Online or e-commerce enterprises frequently use these credit terminals. Customers made payments without first placing their credit cards into the machine before completing the transactions. This application transforms your laptops into a credit card terminal, allowing you to physically input credit card information and upload it for payment processing.


hardware terminal machine

❷ Hardware Payment Terminals

Hardware payment terminals are the often seen credit card machines in most enterprises and workplaces. Through hardware payment terminals, credit cards and banks can communicate, allowing the authenticity and level of card protection to be verified.

These steps are completed in a fraction of seconds owing to the payment processor. Ingenico and Verifone made the two most widely used credit card machines. There are a lot of hardware credit card machines out there, but we’ll go over the best ones for your business here.


square terminal

Square Terminal ➚

For your company’s growth, Square Terminal is a complete credit card terminal. Payments are processed and receipts are generated. It’s a safer, more efficient, and faster method to be paid. Enjoy the quickest and safest methods of payment. Receive cash swiftly and comfortably, assured that every transaction is encrypted. You can get your money the next working day. Pricing? $??9 ➚



verifone VX 520

Verifone VX 520 ➚

This is a very common universal credit card terminal that you’ve almost certainly seen in a retail shop lately. It has a built-in receipt generator and supports EMV, NFC-based, and card swiper payment options, while not having all of the functionality of a Point of sale device.

Customers can input PIN debit codes directly on the device or via an auxiliary customer-facing PIN keypad. There is no inbuilt battery for mobile operation, and access is confined to either ethernet or dial-up. It is undeniably a desktop device. It is quite inexpensive and dependable, however, it is not appropriate for mobile use.



pax sp30

Pax SP30 ➚

Pax SP30 is a smart, modern payment machine that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and offers everything retailers might desire in a slim, modern payment machine. It provides the least dimensions in two setups: as a device linked to a POS or as an additional PIN pad device that links to a PAX credit card reader such as the A80, delivering exceptional security and dependability and evolving the traditional PIN controller.

It features a variety of transaction and value-added apps because of its fast processor and huge ram. A contactless card reader, a magnetic card reader, and an IC card reader are all integrated within the SP30.



paypal here

PayPal Here ➚

PayPal is a well-known online payment system that has achieved significant advancements in mobile card payment alternatives. Most major credit cards will be accepted at the Paypal Here pos system and mobile card reader. There is no long-term obligation, and transactions are handled virtually instantly to your PayPal account.


clover mini

Clover Mini ➚

It has nearly all of the same POS features as the bigger Clover Terminal but in a more compact (and inexpensive) package. However, when compared to a standard desktop terminal, it’s still quite large, and the requirement to plug it into a power outlet greatly restricts its mobility.

Keep in mind that to use your Clover Mini, you’ll have to make monthly payments. You can view your transaction information through an online dashboard from any device with a web browser and an internet connection.


sumup air

SumUp Air ➚

SumUp Air is a simple and modern machine with an easy-to-use UI that accepts PIN and contactless card payments. Transactions in your bank account will be completed in 1-3 days, which is faster than some other suppliers. If you don’t want to pay a monthly fee, SumUp Air is the right credit card machine for you.


Ingenico iCT220

Ingenico iCT220 ➚

One of the most well-known credit card terminals in the world is the Ingenico iCT220, and chances are you have used one lately as a customer. There is a smart receipt printer incorporated. The Ingenico iCT220 is a customer-facing PIN panel that instantly recognizes debit cards.

It is a fantastic solution for merchants who just want a simple, secure credit card machine with no further capabilities. The major downside is that it lacks an integrated battery for nomadic use and does not support Wi-Fi or mobile internet.


pax s80

Pax S80 ➚

The S80 from PAX is a cutting-edge countertop Point of sale machine that blends creativity, reliability, and efficiency to provide faster, more secure payments. The PCI-approved S80 provides extensive connection, using dial and Ethernet as well as other telecommunication innovations.

Businesses and customers equally benefit from an easy ATM-style display and a comfortable keypad. The S80 has a strong ARM11 CPU and is optionally made contactless, allowing it to accept a wide range of transaction and value-added programs, putting it among the most efficient countertop terminals on the market.


verifone VX805

Verifone VX805 ➚

The VX 805 credit card terminal from Verifone combines durability, accessibility, and next-generation NFC functionality into one incredibly handy payment gadget. With several communication network features and NFC innovation for cashless transactions, the VX 805 lets retailers conduct a wide range of transactions.

The VX 805 is perfect for both small and large-scale businesses, providing comprehensive capability and lasting durability. There is also a non-contactless alternative available.


First Data FD150

First Data FD150 ➚

The First Data FD150 is a portable, feature-rich technology that integrates efficiency, dependability, and flexibility of use. If you wish, you can use the installed Wi-Fi functionality of this payment terminal to connect.




PAX A30 ➚

PAX A30 improves the transaction process by combining a dedicated contactless section with the most up-to-date PCI encryption in a compact package. Through its robust effectiveness and cost-effectiveness, it is the smartest Android-based PIN pad to date. It is ideal for both startups and large-scale businesses.

Using one of the hardware credit card machines listed above will make your business transactions more reliable and safe.



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